Happy half-term!

We have had our assessment week this week. The children have completed spelling, reading and maths assessments and the results of these will be shared with you after the holidays in the up-coming parents evening.

In English, we have been busy writing and improving our character description about the Pied Piper. The children have worked their socks of to produce a fabulous piece of writing. They were then challenged to write their own one about the King – this was an independent piece and the results blew me away. Well done Year 2 you have worked so hard.

Next term, we are going to be writing a fact file about the Moon and interviewing KS2 about what it is like to be a junior.

In Maths, we recapped over doubling and halving and also mastered Carrol Diagrams. Next term we will be discovering all about fractions. We are going to start by looking at fractions in shapes (1/3,1/4,2/4,3/4) before moving onto fractions of amounts)

In Science we used our knowledge of animal diets and created our own food plate for one. We wrote our own advert to advertise our fabulous meal and these were brilliant. I’d be sure to spend my own money on these meals.

Next term, we are going to be learning about materials.

In History, we finished our biography based on the life of Neil Armstrong. Next term we will be finding out about Christopher Columbus and why we remember him today.

In Art, we continued to practise our shading and tones. The results were fantastic and were a credit to the children’s perseverance. Next term we are going to be focusing on Design and Technology and looking at what makes an effective lunch box.

Well done to Christabel who was our Learning Hero of the week. She is always ready to learn and has a beaming smile permanently on her face cheering both Mrs Slater and I up.

Well done to Sophie who was our first Gold Card Champion.

Our Championship Point winner was Chloe.

Our winning house was Determination.

Important Information:

Home Learning is given out on Friday’s and is expected to return by the following Tuesday. 

Reading books are changed Mon- Thurs. The children also have access to Active Learn, you can find their login details inside of their reading records. 

Sergei is our class mascot who travels from Friday to Monday. 

Coming up:

Reports given to parents – Monday 13th  November 2017

Parents Evening – Thursday 16th November 2017

Key Stage 1 Nativity – Wednesday 13th December 2017 – 2pm and 6pm

Key Stage 1 Christmas Party – Wednesday 20th December 2017


Have a fabulous half-term,

Miss Szoltysek and Mrs Slater


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